How it works

1. The teacher gives guidelines (characters, places, context...)

2. The teacher and students choose the length, style and title of the story.

3. Led by the platform, students write, by themselves or in groups, the story one by one.

4. The teacher corrects and follows the progression of each student.

5. When the story is finished, it's available everywhere and anytime... even at home!

Collaborative stories


Around the world

Peetch allows teachers to connect their classes to each other around the world. This gives students the opportunity to write stories together around the globe.

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The team

Damien Gorin

Canada Development

They support us

This app helped my students, even those with difficulties, to participate and to write a tale. My real pleasure was to see my students asking to use Peetch again when it was finished! François - Teacher

I tried everything, I loved everything! Côme - 7 years old

I liked to write stories with the others. It was fun to read what the others could write after me. And the drawings on Peetch are nice! Marc - 9 years old


schools in 38 countries all around the world.

Peetch is already a reference tool for language learning with digital tools and in a collaborative way!

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